15 Perfect Bikini Trimmers 2022

15 Perfect Bikini Trimmers 2022

Are bikini trimmers secure to make use of?

“Bikini trimming isn’t as simple because it seems to be,” says Dr. Karan Lal. “I ceaselessly see sufferers for razor bumps, burns, hyperpigmentation, or even scarring.” However that does not imply they are now not secure to make use of—it simply implies that prep is essential.

How must you employ a bikini trimmer?

“I at all times counsel the use of an antibacterial cleanser akin to benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine prior to trimming to forestall pores and skin infections and inflammation,” says Dr. Lal. “I like to recommend trimming with the grain of the hair and now not towards it. The hair on this location is curly and kinky, and for those who trim towards the hair grain, the hairs can develop into the surface and motive bumps and inflammation.”

Put up-care may be essential.

“Moisturize after shaving to stay the surface wet and cut back post-trimming inflammation and dryness. Watch out for closely scented creams which might additional burn and aggravate the dry pores and skin after trimming.”

Are bikini trimmers secure for delicate pores and skin?

“Bikini trimmers are nice for sufferers with delicate pores and skin and are a really perfect choice to shaving and chemical depilatory brokers,” says Dr. Lal. In case your pores and skin is delicate and you wish to have to be as secure as imaginable, “I typically counsel additionally the use of a spacer to steer clear of a really perfect shut trim, which can result in inadvertent cuts.”

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