Queering Hip Hop & Smashing Frame Expectancies

Queering Hip Hop & Smashing Frame Expectancies

Saucy Santana is a celebrity. His ability is simple and coupled together with his aura and easy taste; he’s certainly somebody to observe. Santana is a rapper and TV character, previously referred to as Santana At the Beat. Saucy Santana first started seeing good fortune as a rapper in 2019 when he launched his hit tune “Stroll Em Like A Canine” on Soundcloud and his sound certainly took off.

On the top of the COVID 19 pandemic, Saucy Santana started freeing our bodies of labor and scored a number of different viral hits together with “Stroll,” “Up & Down feet. Latto,” and “Subject material Lady.” With hit after hit after hit, the Subject material Lady is proving that he certainly has endurance. And with all of this already provide good fortune, you’ll be able to all the time rely on other people so as to add a bit of fatphobia within the combine for razzle dazzle.

The Subject material Lady Encounters Fatphobia

Saucy Santana is a gloomy skinned, curvy/thick, femme presenting rapper from Perry, Florida and seeing him thrive in a style this is closely cishet male ruled, there’s certain to be critics. Lately, some naysayers have taken to social media to criticize the rapper and his frame.

A up to date Twitter consumer mentioned: “If Santana misplaced about 20-30 kilos, he may truly be the following giant factor.” Santana in his true taste and character clapbacked pointing out there used to be no reason why for him to shed pounds when he’s receiving all his stardom and good fortune now – at this measurement.

Sadly, Santana isn’t the primary and gained’t be the final public determine, rapper, singer, or entertainer that can be instructed they don’t have “the glance” to achieve success within the business or to be authorised. Fatphobia, which informs the entirety in society from good looks requirements to employment, accessibility and past, has regularly formed other folks’s get admission to to sources and attaining no matter desires they are going to have for themselves. 

Frame Augmentation & Capital

On social media, I’ve noticed Santana be known as the entirety from “dangerous constructed” to “Rick Ross in make-up” and at each and every flip it turns into extra obtrusive that somebody like Saucy Santana will have to now not be the place he’s and his mere presence in Hip Hop areas dominating a male style and rapping along his femme and girls friends is certainly, shaking the desk.

During the last two years, we’ve noticed Santana percentage his adventure with liposuction, lately expressing he’s gearing up for every other spherical. There are such a large amount of tactics good looks requirements and the sector’s fatphobia affect us to modify, mould, and recreate our our bodies to lead them to extra palatable for the ones round us.

Good looks tradition and thinness, which is inherently anti-Black, lands you a better proximity to whiteness which lends somebody, like Saucy Santana, extra capital in an business that earnings on individuals who appear to be him, hating themselves.

Daring, Homosexual, & Assured

Our bodies like Santana’s don’t get the risk to be noticed as horny and beautiful, in each heterosexual & queer areas. In a super global, Saucy Santana wouldn’t really feel the pressures to obtain lipo and would after all nonetheless all the time reserve the autonomy over his frame to take action if he selected. Saucy Santana is redefining rap now not most effective in queerness, but additionally in frame.

Saucy Santana is flourishing in rap as a result of he’s breaking molds and doing all of the issues in his frame and identities that he’s been instructed can’t be achieved.

And in truth, we’re residing for it!

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